Zadar wakeboard contest – report + photos

Zadar, Zadar, Zadar… 2.0… Red Bull… this were the words that we were listening last month… why… there were some information around that we will have extreme competition in Zadar, wakeboard and wakeskate included…  It seemed so unreal that almost I didn’t come… is it joke, or we really gonna have wakeboard competition in center of our big touristic centre of Dalmatia (part of Croatia)… With every day that came we were more convinced that we will be there, part of this amazing event.

We came late evening… no party, we just wanted for bed… because long weekend was here… We get up quite early to be on the site before everything starts. Entry fee was 30 EUR and I almost give up from riding… yes or no… I was not into some good mood that morning… but when I came in Zadar harbor and saw this crazy set up mixed with smiling faces of organizers… it wasn’t impossible for me to watch and not to try this set up… mhm… no freaking way that I will be standing next to the water and watch everybody else on wakeskate or wakeboard… from the other side… Denise brought me my new Jobe wakeboard and I had to try this slider… two kickers, left and right… and right flatbar… It was interesting…

Already on Saturday we had training and qualifications for some categories. There were competitors in 4 categories (Open Men, Open Women, Women wakeskate and Men Wakeskate) from Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Netherlands, Slovakia, Serbia, Italy. We didn’t expect women wakeskate category, but having Zuzana Vrablova from Slovakia as World champion, we had to prove that girls can be sexy and they can ride wakeskate. She took 1st place landing first time 360 shuv on the competition, on the 2nd place was wakeskate champion of Croatia, Nelly Mance and on the 3rd place Naja Puhan from Slovenia.

Kinga Horvath from Hungary had nationals on Saturday, so she arrived quite late on Sunday morning not having enough time to train. She didn’t have time to adapt to the set up and 2.0 system which definitively affected on her run and we didn’t get run that we all were waiting from her and this put her on the 3rd position. On the 2nd place was Naja Puhan from Slovenia being in head to head with former world champion Denise de Haan from Netherlands who took 1st place. This was definitively one of the best runs that Naja ever landed on the competition.

In Open Men category on the 1st place took Miroslav Hribik from Slovakia. On the 2nd place was Richard Marcincin also from Slovakia and on 3rd place Nebojša Simić, called Sima from Serbia.

In Men Wakeskate category 1st place took Marius Klauenberg from Austria. He was followed by Martin Ščambora from Slovakia on the 2nd place and on the 3rd Michael Paška also from Slovakia.

Afterparty and prize giving ceremony was planned for 22 o’clock on Sunday in Marascino bar… but it was quite late and some people had to work, so just couple of us staid for some drinks and dance. Next year I expect afterparty on Saturday’s finals… so we can all D&D… Dance and drink… :) See you next year… Zadar or somewhere else? Let’s wait for new announcement.

Big thanks for organizers, operators, judges and sponsors without whom this event wouldn’t be …






Written by Nelly Mance, copyright

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