XVII Longboard Classic – Who will join me 9.4.2016.

th_93218ea6e94bc41d5f368669690bb3c0_01_LBC_atthestart_by_SamOetiker_Onboardmag.jpg9 April 2016, Stuben am Arlberg/Austria. The Longboard Classic Stuben, aka ‚The Woodstock of Snowboarding’, is the world’s biggest longboard and old school snowboarding event!

If the LBC was a person, it would be about time to get a driving license. However, the youngest participants of the legendary snowboard festival are way too young to drive, and the oldest have been driving around for years. Luckily, the Longboard Classic is all about snowboarding and what all participants have in common: living and loving snowboarding. This is what will be celebrating once again in Stuben/Arlberg.


As always the race kicks off in a Le Mans mass start on Saturday, 9 April, on the 2,408 meters high Albona ridge. Then everyone rushes down to the 1,001 meters of altitude to the village of Stuben. Advocates of the good old style compete in the Old School Class, complete with day-glo outfits and ancient boards, free- and soul riders ride their longboards – almost like big-wave surfers in the Master Class, and all others take part in the “No School Class”. The result and winners aren’t really important; it’s all about having fun snowboarding and spending the season ender among old friends. Sounds like a cliché? It’s reality: That’s what the LBC stands for!

Longboard classic 2016

On Friday night the event starts with a laid-back get-together and DJ beats at the Moonshine Bar. On Saturday morning the race goes down. Afterwards there will be loads of antics on and off the slopes, old tricks performed, and new lines discovered. At various tents longboard and freeride equipment can be tested free of charge. After the prizegiving on stage the event isn’t over. Until nightfall the participants chill in the finishing area and get ready for the night.

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Once again the traditional movie night takes place in the party tent. Exclusive flicks from the history of snowboarding will be shown on the big screen! It’ll be exciting to see what nuggets the organizers have unearthed for this year! Afterwards, it is well known among Longboard Classic regulars that the party people from Mortal Kombat Sound will make sure to keep a wild party going until the wee hours of the morning!

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There’s no need to register prior to the event, but it is nonetheless possible on the LBC Facebook page. The official registration takes place on the event day between 7.30 and 10.30 AM in the event tent in Stuben.

More information about the program, accommodation as well as photos, clips and a “hall of fame” can be found under www.longboardclassic.com.

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Event:                         Longboard Classic

Date:                           Saturday, 9 April 2016

Location:                    Stuben am Arlberg (Austria)

Format:                      Le Mans mass start – Top to Bottom Snowboard / Longboard Race

Categories:                 LBC Masters, LBC Old School, LBC No School

On Stage:                   Mortal Kombat Soundsystem

Starting fee:                50 Euros (incl. day pass, event shirt, lunch and softdrink)

Number of spectators: Very few – everyone is taking part in the race!

Credo:                         The Longboard Classic is the Woodstock of Snowboarding for soul surfers, longboarders, off-piste-enthusiasts, and snowboard legends from all over the world, who ride together, have fun and celebrate the spirit of snowboarding.