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TAfter two wild premieres that were held in Rijeka on 05.12.2009. and in Zagreb on 11.12.2009., new Croatian snowboard video „Spečn!” is finally online!  „Spečn!” is 4th Tribe Films project, and this time it sees young stars emerge, their regular riders stand out, as well as some comebacks and newcomers. This time, with a slightly different concept – more spot-oriented parts and fun times! The design, motion graphics and editing are by Tribe Films crew, lead by Rene Gallo. You can watch a video on their official webpage www.tribe-films.com, and for downloading it you will need Vimeo account (free).

Tribe Films crew wishes you all the best in 2010., lots of fun, snow and new tricks!

INTERVIEW with Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net) and Vid Barić, one of the riders…

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): Hi Vid, how are you?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Good, but pretty angry because of the lack of snow in whole Europe. Got so many plans and no snow to realize all of them.

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): But month ago you realized at least one of your dreams, forth dream after Ri-spekt, In Love, All In…

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Yes. we managed to film our best movie yet, in my opinion. Good tricks, new riders, sick editing and motion graphic by Rene Gallo and sick premieres in Rijeka and Zagreb. I’m stoked about the project and can’t wait to film more this season!

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): You said good tricks, what part you would point out? Or which rider?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Definetely youngbloods. David Sutlović and Luka Ivica, both have nice tricks in their parts, they are both really motivated to ride and film and I see huge future in these guys.

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): What about girls? I would specially point out clean flip on skate from Ana Rumiha?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Yeah, that shit was legit… joking, its regular thing for Ana. destroying on skateboard, as well on a snowboard. And now, she joined my “tight pants” crew and she is getting even better haha.  I would point out kickflip with a snowboard from a small box that my brother, Toni did in his part. I remember him trying that trick whole day, and me saying him that he is an idiot with trying that all day and hiking that small box while he could ride the park in the same time. But eventually, he did it. He was trying it for whole day, like 200 times and he did it. I was so stoked about that that I ran to him, knocked him on the ground and started to kick him hahahaha. You can see that in a video

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): I see lots of riders here now… how many riders is in the video, can you name them?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Yee it almost like every year.. regular Tribe Films riders + Darko Petković – Rade, youngbloods Luka Ivica and David Sutlović, and friend from serbia Darko Kastratović – Chazz. Im really superstoked on his part cause he brought some creative shit into a video. Chazz is a really nice guy and I hope we will continue to film and ride together.

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): I am missing one riders who was last year’s heading to the top and EC FIS comps trying 9s, Chad? Did he stop snowboarding or?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): No, he just quit filming. He never did that seriously actually… he is not motivated to film, he is more into contests and I wish him all the best in his FIS journey..

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): And for the end… this year you have creative name for the video? I am wondering what does it mean?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Hahaha. it means absolutely nothing. every yeah, we were always trying to figure out name for our video that will represent us and our way of living, a name that will have some essential meaning and shit. but this year, we just showed up with a name that means nothing, but looks sick in design and motion graphics. And we really did huge hype about the name and everyone were just talking about “Spečn!” and asking each other and us what does it mean. How cool is that ahahahaha.

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): For me it means “Fried” on Croatian. Can you accept this?

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): hahah yeee it could mean that… but you have one letter missing hahahah

the point of this name is that everyone can imagine whatever he or she likes. Its just like snowboarding. being creative and imaginative, there are lots of solutions! Bonk, slide, jump over, do a watcher. Do a switch watcher, piss on… there is really lots of solutions!

Nelly Mance (BoardForce.net): Okey Vid, thank you for this nice interview and I wish that the 2010 New

year brings you lots of snow for new nice sessions in your 5th video whatever its name will be!

Vid Barić (Tribe-Films.com): Thanks Nelly, I wish all the best to you and to all BoardForce followers. I do not wish anything good to all the haters, spin to win losers and others who are constantly destroying the spirit of the snowboarding. Long live to the planet and the snow, Vidu.

Written by Nelly Mance, copyright www.boardforce.net

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