Snowboard Arena MMXI – Mike Casanova (USA) and Ana Rumiha (CRO) took first places in Croatia, Zagreb

Thanks to snowboard clup Flip and their representatives Nikša Madirazza and Edis Mujić for the first time in history of Zagreb snowboarding we had street competition in front of the shopping centar Arena Zagreb.

Through two days visitors of the shopping center could see crazy tricks best Croatian snowboarders including some of well known world names from States, Slovenia Austria and Hungary.

On Saturday we had open competition. 30 boys and girls competed in each category fighting to get invitation for the finals on Sunday.

Mike Casanova, Seppi Scholler and Nejc Ferjan

Artificial made snow from ice skating hall created picture of the snowboard park on the streets of Croatian capital, Zagreb. Couple of hundreds of people passed to see this spectacular tricks in rail jam format. Some of them had chance to see this sport for the first time in their life live.

Ana Rumiha, Anja Štefan, Mateja Kordić - Snowboard Arena MMXI

Box, rail, wall, there was no difference between boys and girls, especially for our well known snowboard girl Ana Rumiha from Zagreb. With clean lipslide to front board out she proved that she could join in men competition. She was followed by Anja Štefan from Rijeka who definitively proved her consistency through whole day. On the third place was Mateja Kordić from Slovenia.

Gerald Fuchs - Snowboard Arena MMXI

Winner in men category didn’t surprise us. Mike Casanova (USA) impressed judges with his crazy rotations, his front 180 in cab 360 out and front blind 450 out are almost not imaginable for most of the snowboarders. For the first time in Croatia visitors could see winner of Nike 6.0 Stairset battle in Munich at Air & Style. I think he was happy to see us taking 1000 Euro cash prize. Second place was kept for Seppi Scholler from Austria, same team rider. On the third place was our neighbor from Slovenia, Nejc Ferjan who showed his unique style landing 270’s in pressing rail 270’s out. With every trick he made he showed us how much he controls the board.

Rudi Janda - Snowboard Arena MMXI

Total cash prize was 3000 Euro.

Seppi Scholler - Snowboard Arena MMXI
After party from qualification day was “Tour de Zagreb bars” … and today’s after party goes directly into our bed. After two hard and full days of snow happenings we went to our houses expecting next year to see even better setup… And till then, hurry up into snowboard parks and exercise your new tricks, maybe you get into the finals and maybe you take Casanova off the podium… See ya soon!

Erik Harc - Snowboard Arena MMXI

Big thanks to our sponsors:  Arena centar, Mazda, World class Croatia, Nokia, Chill shop, Madness, Surfship, Grad Zagreb, Outdoor Akzent, Warehouse, Ozon sport, Data-link, A1.

Ivan Vidošević  - Vez - Snowboard Arena MMXI

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Mike Casanova  - Snowboard Arena MMXI

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Written by: Nelly Mance

Photos:, Nelly Mance!/album.php?aid=280978&id=264637570772



1.       Ana Rumiha

2.       Anja Štefan

3.       Mateja Kordić


1.       Mike Casanova

2.       Seppi Scholler

3.       Nejc Ferjan



1.       Domagoj Miloslavić

2.       Bruno Hrvatin

3.       Slepi

4.       Alen Maleković

5.       Marko Đurasović

6.       Feel Bushara

7.       Kristijan Pahljina

8.       Dino Paskaš


1.       Maja Radišić

2.       Sara Duvnjak

3.       Andrea Gradinšćak

4.       Nikolina Mišeta


1.       Luka Ivica (CRO)

2.       Vid Barić (CRO)

3.       Andrej Marinčić

4.       Erik Harc (SLO)

5.       Matic Pritekelj (SLO)

6.       Rudi Janda (AUT)

7.       Nikola Vrhovec (CRO)

8.       Petar Gregurec (CRO)

9.       Nejc Ferjan (SLO)

10.   Gerald Fuchs (AUT)

11.   Mitja Kodrič (SLO)

12.   Ivan Vidošević (CRO)

13.   Seppi Scholler (AUT)

14.   Mike Casanova (SAD)

15.   Baszi Takacs (HUN)

16.   Anže Štravz (SLO)

17.   Mark Pirc (SLO)

18.   Matic Zavodnik (SLO)

19.   Matija Dukić (CRO)

20.   Ana Rumiha (CRO)

21.   Mateja Kodrić (SLO)

22.   Anja Štefan (CRO)

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