Sesitec System 2.0 – How to built a cable?

118Wakeboard in your backyard. The System 2.0 is essentially a straight-line cable system that can compliment full size cable park setups for events or as stand-alone rail parks. But the System 2.0 can also be used for private backyard setups because it is the first cable system that is actually portable. And unlike other two tower systems, System 2.0 was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride—meaning that you won’t have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the rail course.

Here’s How It Works:

Two stanchions are setup using one anchor each and the overhead cables are strung between them over a lake, pool or body of water. A quiet electric motor drives the cable. The carrier pulling the rope slows at one end and reverses direction rather than passing through a pulley. This makes a big difference for a couple of reasons: When the carrier slows, the rider can edge out from the cable, basically making a wide circle to keep tension on the rope, and continue riding. The carrier is also supported by two overhead cables (as opposed to one cable running in a circle) giving riders a more consistent pull while retaining maximum cable tension. Better tension gives riders smoother rail rides and the ability to do air tricks. But the turnaround is beginner level, so anyone can easily ride System 2.0.


System 2.0 also has an automatic mode and can be used with Sesitec’s exclusive Lake Control system. You can set up the system for maximum length (700 feet), and manually adjust the turn around point to anywhere on the running length of the cable, allowing you to ride only in the area you choose. This means the stanchions can be setup recessed from the shoreline so it can fit in many existing bodies of water with little to no preparation. Sesitec even built ladders into the sides of the System 2.0 stanchions making it easy to climb up and add ropes for doubles, or lengthen your line for a customized ride. No other cable system available offers the same options or flexibility.


One of the biggest advantages this system has, though, is that it’s built to be totally portable. System 2.0 can be broken down fast and moved for events and rail jams (it can even fit into the bed of a truck). This makes it the perfect system for dealer demos, rail jams, and other pro events. Not only will you see the systems traveling the country to these events, but the portability gives enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase their own system. At a price point between winches, PWC’s and inboard boats ($28,000-$39,000), it’s a real possibility for anyone to have their own backyard setup with a personal cable system. E-mail us for more information.


Moving Forward:

The System 2.0 is a new generation of wake system that’s more functional than any other two-tower system before it. Our goal with The Wake Park Project isn’t to simply build more cable parks. We want to raise the bar and help people build better parks through innovation of new systems and designs to keep progressing the sport. And although the System 2.0 is a great way for people to learn how to ride, it is definitely not meant for beginners only. It has performance characteristics of a full cable system with a focus on accessibility and portability.


Where To See It:

Check out the system at the final stop of the Byerly Toe Jam, September 20-21, 2008 at The Projects in Florida.

How To Buy:

System 2.0’s are available in the US stating July 7th, Contact us HERE for more info.

Water Area Required:

Length: 80 – 700ft
Width: 50 – 80ft

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