Rogla – best Slovenian snowboard park

snowboard-park-rogla12If you asked me before this weekend what was my favorite ski resort, I would answer you Flachauwinkel – Absolut Park, or the closest and best for learning how to ride – Krvavec and the closest snowboarding park – Vogel. But since this weekend everything changed. I got chance to visit the best and the closest snowboarding park to Croatia – Rogla and in the moment I went down the slope I said, this is the best shaped park I have ever seen.

From the other side, the best thing there is that you have so many different obstacles, for beginners, intermediate and of course advanced. This is the park where you will be able to learn riding park (the smallest obstacle is 1m long and really wide) and this is the park where you will be able to see your progression, from the obstacles till the kickers. If you are afraid of jumping over big kickers there you have one kicker with a big balloon on landing. It isn’t matter if you are beginner and you just want to learn first big straight jump or you want to learn your first rodeo, backflip… Yeah, this is the best spot for you, trust me.

Due to the situation that the spot is not high on the mountains, the snow is never too hard for landings, so it is never so painful like on other resorts. They opened season end of December and planning to hold it open till middle of April.

Whole the time they have 5 good working shapers and even it was snowing whole the night, they prepared it for Saturday’s ride, with no mistakes. Seems like this park is always open for riding, always prepared… Only when there are extremely bad conditions, snowing and windy, they close kicker with a big balloon landing.

The objects at the Fun Park at Rogla:
• Snow channel
• Down rail
• C-box
• Butter box Combo
• Double Wave Line
• Kids Line (3×3 m box)
• Beginner Line (Rainbow box 6 m, Flat box 6 m, A-Frame Box 6 m)
• Expert Line (A-Frame box 7 m, Up&Down Rail 7 m, Double kink rail 12 m, Elephant Rail 10 m, Kink Rail 7 m)
• Tree Jib
• Big Table Kicker, 3x Takeoff
• Roller, 2x Takeoff + corner jump

If this didn’t convinced you to visit this park, than I have to tell you that you that everywhere you step in, you are really welcome as guest, employees are always welcoming you with the big smile.

If you decide to stay over night you can choose between couple of places to accommodate yourself:
• Planjy hotel****
• Rogla hotel***
• Brine hotel***
• Rogla***
• Gaber Bunnalows****
• Koca na Jurgovem Apartments***
• The House on Pesek

Book your place here…

The ticket for one day is 28 Euro, but if you are staying shorter or longer, make your own arrangement concerning to your needs:


Everything you need is over there… equipment rental, accommodation, even really good wellness centre… They say, your wish is our command…

We staid at Rogla hotel and it was really good decision. They put eye on their customer and made programs only for them. If you are coming with the kids, there is a program made especially for them… If you want to dance in the evening… “Koča restaurant” is waiting for your dancing steps… Animator’s crew is waiting for you in the evening to make you laughing 😉 They put attention on every small thing over there…

We started our journey on Saturday morning with two persons. First they were late… than their car stopped at first traffic light and I needed to run home and pick up my old car… Of course, everybody were laughing for it, but on the end my car was the one which drove us over there…

First we had small serve on a gas station… oil, water and new wipers… but it wasn’t enough for my old car so we were stopped at the boarder, one light wasn’t working. Pero tried to change it, but the new one wasn’t working. The policemen on the borderline let us go, under condition that we buy new one on the first gas station. But again, when he tried to change it, it wasn’t working, something else was broken.

When we finally arrived on the Rogla mountain it was around 1pm, but at least we avoid really big snow and coldness in the morning… It wouldn’t pass well with our summer tires.

The worst news that day was that those two persons we were going with changed their mind and wanted to go home. Of course, this was out of our plan and with a bad mood I droved them to Celje where they waited for a train which will bring them home. They said “Some things are happening with the reason” and I said: “Yes they are, if your car didn’t break down in the morning we would have to come back with you! At least something good happened with this ;)”

When we came back into our room it was a time for a nice tasty dinner. In the morning the strong sunrays woke us up and we were early on the slopes. While Pero was researching the other parts of resort I was hanging around the snowboarding park trying to catch some nice shots with local riders.

With two nice sunny days the end of our journey came and so soon we had to came back home, into our “gray hometown reality”, but before this it was a time for a nice relaxing milky bath in whirlpool of Rogla hotel.

I just hope there will be more sunny days this season… if so… see ya on the slope….

Written by Nelly Mance, copyright / Photos: Nelly Mance & Petar Duboković

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