For the first time ever, anywhere in the world in a wakeboarding competition, a wake-to-wake 1080 was landed at the Nautique Wake Games this past weekend in Orlando, Florida. This never before achieved feat was made possible by the revolutionary wake of the new Super Air Nautique G23. Then, as if to prove it was not a fluke, a second wakeboarder landed the same trick again. From never happening before to happening twice in one day in the Super Air Nautique G23’s debut.


The Nautique Wake Games showcased the revolutionary wake of the Super Air Nautique G23 with the best wakeboard athletes in the world competing. Harley Clifford (Australia) was the first wakeboarder to land a wake-to-wake 1080 followed by(Canada) who went out and stuck the second 1080 after Clifford. Fans went wild as they lined the shore and watched history go down behind the G23.


“It was amazing to watch history being made when two incredible athletes landed back-to-back 1080’s behind the revolutionary Super Air Nautique G23 this past weekend. This had never happened before so to see it happen twice in one day was amazing,” stated Nautique CEO Bill Yeargin. “Only Nautique could produce a game-changing wake boat that has immediately redefined the industry standard,” Yeargin added.


To read more about Bill Yeargin’s take on this historic event check out his Nautique Insider blog at


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