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17It is the country which will start developing in next few years. I hope that developing will start residents from there and not just investors which will invest and like they usually do, in a same time take from them only thing they have, their nature. To je država koja će se tek početi razvijati i sigurno kroz par godina možemo očekivati puno veći napredak, odnosno nadajmo se napredku i nadajmo se da će to učiniti sami građani a ne po dobrom starom običaju neki investitor, uložiti, ali u isto vrijeme i oduzeti sve što imaju.

Natural resort…

When I talk about relief, I can say that nature gave there everything what was possible, and sea and mountains… and this is so unusually. But when I talk about human resources, there you hardly can find some. We do not know managing with our resources. Slopes in Montenegro are DISASTER.

Durmitor (Savin Kuk) – boring ski resort, on which after 2 days boarding you do not know what to do. Ski pass is 12 EUR per day.

Bjelasica – dynamic, interesting, but wild ski resort. Ski pass is 10 EUR per day.

About other ski resorts I do not even want to talk.


Behind this hills is sea…

Parks do not exist, no half pipe, no rails, no jumps…

Once in a year we have competition on Savin Kuk (Durmitor). They are organizing “lets call it” snowboard event – like some kind of competition. But there is not so many people visiting it and there is no media. All in all, to bad.


Kotor bay – ideal place for wakeboarding… glossy

Lifts are also disaster, to slow. The worst are sitting lifts, there is no cabins (but if I am saying right there is no need for them).
We do not have snowboard shops (but I heard that is in plan one Burton shop in Podgorica).


The famous island

And now I will say what is the bigeeeeeeeeest problem in snowboarding (and skiing) in Montenegro – ways – roads. I, for example, am living in Podgorica and I have luck that is our best slope (Bjelasica) just hour and a half driving from my home. But every time when I am traveling in winter on snowboarding, I have to keep my head in a bag – ways are disaster!!! To dangerous!


By Vlatko (Vlatkoot)

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