Jobe signs pro rider Rocco van Straten

With great pride water sports brand Jobe announces they’ve signed Dutch wakeboard rider Rocco van Straten.

Rocco is 20 years old, lives in IJsselstein, the Netherlands and is one of the biggest talents in the wakeboard scene. In 2010 Rocco became European Champion behind the boat as well as on the cable in the ‘Junior’ category.
In 2011 Rocco participated in the ‘Pro Men’ division for the first time. He took the 5th place in the Protest Cable Call (WWA Tourstop), he took 6th in the European Championships and 2nd at the Dutch Championships.

Signing Rocco is a result of the new Jobe era. “Recently we have been presenting a completely new wakeboard range. With this brand new range we will approach the market using an innovative vision, unprecedented ideals and revolutionary ideas.This range will be represented by Worlds best athletes and Rocco is certainly one of them. Rocco is a pro athlete who won almost every price in the ‘Junior’ category. Last year he participated in the ‘Pro Men’ category for the first time. He directly established his name. We are incredibly proud we have signed  Rocco.” According to Jobe’s Marketing Manager Henk van der Werf.

Rocco is very satisfied with this deal. Rocco van Straten:”Jobe is a brand which is there for you in good times and bad times. They are very committed which creates a positive situation for the brand and for the rider. Jobe involves their riders to make the brand and products even better. The brand is represented by the absolute best riders. That’s why I am very happy with this deal.”

Keep an eye on the Jobe website for more information: !

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