Hipnotics worlds interview with Rene Konrad and Nick Lewis

Quite a long time I was waiting interview with Rene, but now I have it even better, in “combo” with Nick Lewis… Some of best European wakeboarders are writing their thoughts about Worlds… and some small things about them selves… So check it out and find out more about them…

Nelly Mance: How do you feel being here at the Worlds, Hip-notics, enjoying worm weather at the moment?

Rene: It’s really nice here, the weather is great, the people really cool and it’s always nice to be here again

Nick: I love this place, it’s always fun here in the sun with the crew and the people.
Nelly Mance: Lot’s of riders applied, it will be really hard to fight for podium in all categories? Who you think will reach top 3?

Rene: I think that there are too many good riders and the level of riding is sooo high here … it’s way to hard to tell who’s going to be it the Top 3

Nick: To predict the top 3 here is impossible because there are way too many riders who belong in there that 3. I really don’t know
Nelly Mance: Is it your first time here at Hip-notics? If you have been already here, why you are coming back?

Rene: It’s my 3rd time here, I always love to come back here because the weather is almost every time perfect, the people that are here are so cool and the cable is really relly good!

Nick: It’s my 5th time here, it’s the place to be in the wintertime for the European riders because it’s so close, nice and warm here. The people and the food are also so good here, you always enjoy it here.

Nelly Mance: What do you think about format? Do you like more pick up or 2 runs? Where we can see more huge tricks?

Rene: I like the 2 Rum format more because in the most cases the 1st run is kind of a safe run and in the 2nd run you’re able to risk more. So I think in the 2 run format you’ll be able to see more big tricks in everybody’s 2nd run.

Nick: Oh well, both have advantages but I prefer the 2 Run system because you have the possibility to show more in 2 runs than in 1. Also you can risk more in your 2nd run and show your best riding.
Nelly Mance: Which riders joined you from your country? Is federation helping you to come?

Rene: I’m here with Freddy and Nick from Hamburg and Steffen, Dominik, Bernhard, Vossi, Woffe, Mona, and a few wakeskaters like Jan and Luki are also here from Germany. The German federation only pays us the trips to the international comps of the IWWF, but that’s ok like that since that’s also a lot of money!

Nick: Just like Rene said, there a lot of German riders here. The German federation is not helping us out on this trip because they only pay us the IWWF trips, but that’s ok like that because that’s also a lot of money we’re saving there.

Nelly Mance: If not federation, which sponsors are supporting you and helping you out on all of your trips?

Rene: Ion, Oakley, O’Brien, Telekom, Protec helmets and my home cable Wasserski Hamburg&Pinneberg are supporting me.

Nick: Soöruz RIder’s Vision, O’Brien Wakebords are helping me to do this sport

Nelly Mance: The craziest thing here you are expecting or you already did?

Rene: That’s a hard question, let’s see what’s going to happen this week

Nick: I don’t know, I think there will be a lot of funny things going on here, let’s see what will happen

Nelly Mance: For the end?

Rene: I hope this is going to be a week of fun

Nick: I really enjoy the time here and to chill with all the other rider

Nelly Mance: BoardForce.net, what do you think about this website?

Rene: It’s a great site to get all your info about wakeboarding and the competition, I hope it stays like that.

Nick: It’s a nice page to see what’s going on in the wakeboard world and even in the world of snowboarding.

Written by Nelly Mance, copyrights www.boardforce.net

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