FISE – qualifications results

Wakeboarding qualification did actually take place this afternoon, and here are the results of the four heats that took place, and the names of those who’ll reach the semi-finals:
Quinn Silvernale (USA)
Dan Nott (UK)
Steffen Vollert (Germany)
Mike Ennen (USA)
Freddy von Osten (Germany)
Brian Reeder (USA)
Felix Georgii (Germany)
Mitch Langfield (Australia)

You can add to them those who have already been qualified after the Best Trick Contests the two past days.

The three Frenchies (Yann Calvez, Antoine Allaux, Matthieu Montoro) have thus been kicked out from the contest.

Let’s also have a little thought to Hugo Charbit, the park’s designer, who couldn’t compete for the FISE.

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