Make It Count – Lucas Langlois // Wakeboarding 2014

toast productionMake it count is their second wakeboard movie project. this time they are trying to show that wakeboarding is not just about tricks but also about the places you ride. this time they went back to all the places Lucas Langlois used to ride when he started wakeboarding 12 years ago. Thanks to all the kissbanker and the people from every spots they’ve been able to do some shooting that has never been down before in France. Continue reading

Jobe signs Paul Johnston for the International Wakeboard boating team!

Paul_JonhstonPaul Johnston (PJ) commentated for the third year in a row at the Dutch National Wakeboard Championships. But this year that wasn’t the only reason for a visit to the Netherlands. PJ got invited to the Jobe HQ where he got to see the Jobe office, meet everyone and take a look at the new gear. But that wasn’t all, Jobe surprised PJ with the news that they liked him to be a part of the International Wakeboard Boating Team. PJ was immediately convinced and pumped to sign the same day! Continue reading

Short early morning session with Lior Softer at Anthem Wakepark

AnthemShoot only in the duration of 30 minutes riding session with Lior Softer this morning at Anthem Wakepark, Phuket, Thailand, while he was practicing his tricks.. Surface double flip.. regular 313 tail grab.. regular kicker KGB 5.. and regular 317 !!! One and only Lior Sofer could nail all these technical hammer tricks, with his very own style, in just one short session !!!!

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4 Time Wakeboard World Champion Taylor McCullough signs with Jobe

FP Boating Taylor McCullough (Small)Recently Jobe presented their complete new and innovated wakeboard range. Jobe continues to strenghten its dominant position in the wake scene. Besides an innovative new range Jobe also has a strong team with athletes like Austin Hair, Declan Clifford and Julian Cohen. Another world-class athlete will be added to this dream team…… Continue reading

Republ1c Wake Park’s Wake of Thrones Weekend Registration Open

Republ1c and CWC presents the Wake of Thrones Weekend, November 1-3 & November 8-10. The two weekends kick-off with the 4th stop of the 2013 WWA Wake Park World Series at Republ1c Wake Park in Nuvali, Laguna, Philippines.

The World Series stop, Wake Republ1c Crown, will hand out more than $21,000 USD in prize money to the top wakeboarders in the world in several professional divisions. Meanwhile, down at Camsur Watersports Complex, the CWC crew will be gearing up for an all rail event, named CWC King of Rails, at the insane metal handrail 2-tower park and a features only jam on the main cable. The progressive King of Rails event will pass out $12,500 USD to rail riders in two different formats from November 8-10.

Riders will be given a free transfer bus ride from Republ1c Wake Park to CWC for the King of Rails contest November 8-10 on the sick new by-level all metal rails!

To register, book accommodation and more, CLICK HERE!!!

The Limelight with Tom Fooshee

Tom Fooshee is one of the most respected wakeboarders in the sport. Not only is one of the top cable riders that is dominating the world rankings, but he is also very current in the boat scene, as he just signed with Axis. Tom is extremely punctual, on and off the water, and is always professional humble… Long story short, he is a great sports man. The first time I met Tom was when he came to judge the first UAE Wakeboard Nationals. I was blown away when I first saw him ride because I never seen anyone so aggressive on the water yet so smooth. After he came to the UAE, not only did he motivate the riders in the UAE he also pushed them to progress their riding in a safe and positive way. – Omeir Saeed

After spending the summer with Tom Fooshee. I have admired Tom from the beginning of my Wakeboarding career. He is one of the most humble people in the sport in my eyes, on and off the water, from learning a trick to meeting him for the first time in person. Tom is always throwing himself out there no matter wheather it’s being the first person on site at a competition or pushing, not only his riding, but every single rider around him; creating progressive riding for every wakeboarder that encounters Tom Fooshee.  – Matty Hasler

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