Waternauts – EP4 – Fabi Ölbaum

waternauts_ep4The Waternauts episode 4 starring Fabi Oelbaum shows you a real emotional video. While getting the footage for the Waternaut episodes at Wakelake.eu supported by waketoolz.com and CTRL Germany, Fabi got injured at his knee. He is showing his dream and passion about wakeboarding as well as what happened while filming. We are sorry to tell you that Fabi is not able to get more footage this season for Waternauts, but for sure, he is still a member of the crew who all are big friends. Fabi is the first rider who also is showing the first air tricks. But believe me, he is supporting the project and we will have some guest roles for him. Stay tuned! Continue reading

Waternauts Episode 1 staring Alex Aulbach

WaternautsAfter the Waternauts Teaser was released a couple of days ago, we are now happy to present you the Waternauts Episode 1 staring Alex Aulbach. The footage we got, is filmed at Wakelake.eu in the south of Germany and the whole project is supported by Waketoolz.com and CTRL Germany. Deniz Klarer is running the Waternauts project and there are many assistants who support Deniz with this project. Alex is showing some nice rail hits at the Unit Parktech pool-setup while he is carried by a Sesitec System 2.0. He also shows some sick and clean riding at the full-size cable on different features. Enjoy it! And dont forget Continue reading

The road to Italy – Moti Levi and Guy Firer

Moti LeviStyle – what defines you and separates you from others… A unique expression that belongs only to you… Inspiration also comes from others, riders, dancers, artists, skaters… You pick up a little bit from each and slowly build your own puzzle…For more words about road to Italy and nice riding from two Israelis, Moti Levi and Guy Firer, click the link bellow and enjoy it! Continue reading