VIP Pro Coaching with Anna Gasser at Snowpark Goldeck

_web_Goldeck__25-01-2013__action__sb__Christian_Buchacher__Roland_Haschka_QParks__34Shake off those Valentines Day blues at Snowpark Goldeck on the 23rd of February 2014 with a day cruising the park with the lovely Ms Anna Gasser. Whilst you probably wont be in with a chance of a candle light dinner, she’ll be more than happy to give you some pointers in the park for at this exclusive VIP Pro Coaching Session. Continue reading

World snowboard day

WSD13_logo_forWebWhile everyone is busy participating in their favourite activity and enjoying their free time, on our end we’ve been working hard preparing for the World Snowboard Day’s 8th edition. So join us for this year’s event, which will take place on Sunday, December 22, 2013, with the same goal as every year: organizing activities for free, open to anyone and everyone to discover the joys of sliding on snow, to share a common passion for snowboarding, and above all else to enjoy one outrageously excellent day! Continue reading

Be part of the Nitro x Estevan Oriol Instagram Contest!

oriol-instagram-subpage-top (1)We are proud to present our Team x Estevan Oriol collaboration board. Estevan Oriol was born and raised in LA – he pulls inspiration from the city and reflects its sensibilities in his work. Whether he´s photographing gang life, cars, fashion models or Dr. Dre, there is a voice in his work that is distinctly raw and true. It is this spirit of truth that carries over to our Team boards – always true to performance, innovation and the soul of snowboarding

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_web_Kitzbuehel__19-01-2013__lifestyle__fs__Roland_Haschka_QParks__24There are many different ways to fall: Bailing, crashing, failing, slamming, wiping, faceplanting, wrecking, the bloody list could go on forever. However you name it though, hitting the ground with anything else than your snowboard or your skis always sucks. Still, slams add up to a large, probably the largest part of our parklife, so there’s no reason to beat about the bush: the guys at QParks have revealed as many as 2333 failed tricks going down on their average snowpark – each day of the season. This is terrifying, right? Still, in most cases there are just happy faces, so what’s the special thing about slams anyway? Continue reading

Bene Mayr Goes Blue

th_93218ea6e94bc41d5f368669690bb3c0_bt_bene-mayr_by-klaus-polzer24-year old Bene Mayr ( is one of the hottest German Freeski Pros currently on the scene. The threefold winner of the ’Freeskier of the Year’ Action Sports Award (2008, 2010 and 2012) has now joined the likes of Henrik Harlaut (SWE), Fabio Studer (AUT), Kelly Sildaru (EST) and Luca Tribondeau (AUT) on the Blue Tomato Freeski Team.

When asked about his new sponsorship, Bene replied: “I’m stoked to be part of such a strong team. I’ve known about Blue Tomato for a very, very long time – even before my professional career began. That makes it even more special to be a part of it all now!


Bene is a true all-round rider who feels right at home on steep powder faces, huge park kickers and urban obstacles. But if it was up to his doctor, he wouldn’t be skiing at all! After his second ACL rupture, his outlook on a successful career as a professional freeskier wasn’t looking so good. But a tough training regimen and his burning ambition made Bene to the world-class freeskier he is today. And his many talents reach beyond the slopes.


Whether on television with German show host Stefan Raab or presenting the new German Winter Olympics outfits, Bene knows how to positively promote freesking and also himself as an athlete. This is why he is also part of the new initiative ‘Focus on Sochi’, giving an insight on the current German Olympic hopefuls and their preparations for the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 in Russia. It is no surprise that Bene is fully dedicating his season to training for his first Olympics! He is most excited for the unique atmosphere and life in the Olympic Village. Bene’s personal goal is to qualify for the first-ever Freeski Slopestyle Finals at the Olympic Games!


Despite all the anticipation for the Olympics, the ‘European Rider of the Year’ (IF3 Award 2010) isn’t just actively presenting his sport to the public, but is also co-working on the Freeski film production ‘Legs of Steel’. Their newest ski move, ‘The LOST’, has just been released. Bene was careful not to tell us too much about the upcoming filming season, but he dropped the hint that it would be “a little bit different” from previous years. Our expectations are high!


To celebrate, Blue Tomato and Bene’s sponsors Nordica, Oakley, TSK, Marker, Level and Buff have put together a sick competition ( for you. Just visit the Blue Tomato website and you’ll have a chance to win a new pair of skis, cool outerwear, goggles, helmets, gloves, neck warmers and much more!









What’s your guess at how many tricks a regular snowpark sees on an average day in the depths of winter?

Soelden__MO__25-04-2013__lifestyle__fs__unknown__byRudiWyhlildal-3281Well, the number-wizards at QParks HQ have counted an average of 3333,33 runs a day in each of 30 snowparks designed, built and maintained by their squadron of more than 150 shapers and parkdesigners. Assumed that each run, the average snowboarder or freeskier would try 6 tricks (depending on park length and density of obstacles), which then amounts to 20.000 tricks a day per snowpark! While a mere 30% of these tricks would be stomped, landed or claimed, three groups of riders have come to the surface.

As a fun fact, this dead serious survey* has revealed that 50% of these feats of aerial trickery are actually performed by a small group of 20% lapping through the park on that particular day, which on average consists of 30 ‘heavy riders’ who go for up to 30 runs a day. The second largest group are the average park riders that see freestyle as a major part, but not the center of their lives, consisting of about 175 daily park riders. Members of this group would make between 6 and 15 runs a day. And then the remaining group and largest of sideways standers or twin-tippers, are around 220 curious park tourists that account for 1 to 5 runs a day, often plowing their first lines through the park. But let’s take a deeper look at these gangs:

The Sessionates

The first group is staffed by those reckless core protagonists you’ll mainly see in the QParks Sessions features and hence its members will be called the “Sessionates”. They are the girls and guys who make it look stylish, they are the experts, the sponsored and the ones everybody looks up to. But nothing comes easily and they had to do a lot of homework to achieve that level! As their only routine is hiking up the side of the pro line every single day, even when the lifts have stopped. Their legs are burning and their bones ache, but the only way to stop the pain is to stomp that trick.

The Passionates

The second group, let’s call them the “Passionates”, are from a similar mold, yet their routines may also involve activities other than shredding which does not keep them away from grabbing their skis and boards every week or two to hit some medium kickers and rails. Even when they fall and their belongings are flung to the 4 corners of the snowpark they keep falling and they keep on trying as long as possible. Yep, only when their hardy shred stick finally splits and their cries echo across the empty mountain like a Captain mourning his ship, do they stop.

The Snowpokes

The third group is the most difficult to describe. They’re cool with hitting the slopes and now and then take a few casual runs through the beginner line, yet not fully sharing the passion of their passionate fellows. That’s why the label “Snowpokes” may best summarize their style, but not meant in a negative way. They may retire to the nearest bar to watch their loved ones, colleagues or friends try to land ‘that’ 360 they were talking about when they last came. In many of their stories, the helmet camera ran out before anyone could get it on film. Well…there’s always next weekend, right? Still, they’re not far away from becoming Passionates, they just need some time or a final push.

QParks Sessions

Take all these clans together and you’ll get the different levels of ‘Sessioness’. The QParks Sessions will cover the most sessionate freestyle in our beloved Alps to keep it alive: United we stand, together we stomp.

WATCH the latest QParks Sessions reel on the freshly designed Video Section.


*The stats presented here are in no way complete nor to be tak

en seriously.



Be unbreakable! gloryfy GP2 Chris Sörman

gloryfy GP2 Chris Sörman_linksWinter is getting closer and its a time to prepare for a snowboard season! Put your summer Gloryfy’s in a closet get in the store and buy your unbreakable Goggles. I can’t wait to try them out! NEW: gloryfy GP2 Chris Sörman – Maximized protection of the eyes, highest functionality and a minimized risk of injuries –
thanks to the intelligent materials and innovative technologies from the Austrian eyewear company gloryfy. Continue reading