Cable Fest Down Under Article by Angelika Schriber

The first leg of the Cable Fest Downunder started off at Cables Wake Park PenrithJ One of the best cable parks is Australia hosting the first left foot cable. The event was incredible being the first time broadcasted live.  Its great that Australia is becoming more recognised in the circuit and following international standards. It was great to see that some overseas people came and competed. The competition and the overall event was insane, great atmosphere and sick riding.  After Penrith everyone went back to cairns for the second stop of the Cable Fest Downunder, getting a bit more sunshine and following the warm weather cairns has to offer.  The event was so fun, having the after party at Rattle and Hum pub. The week and weekend was full of partying and a whole lot of wakeboarding J

At the moment we are all in Bli Bli Sunnycoast for the 3rd stop of the Cable Fest, Chilling at the cable park in the sun , riding and hanging out  with everyone until the comp starts on the 14th. We are staying here till the last stop on the 21st in Logan until me and matty get back to Cairns for a month and then go overseas J to follow all the international competitions. This season is going to be insane, and so happy its kicked off in Australia and ready to kick it off overseas.

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