21ROPE & HIISHII Exibition and HIPNOSE movie premiere!

21rope & hiishiiHi all,
We are proud to announce and to invite you to join us on Hiishii photo & 21Rope exhibition of photographs and premiere of „Hipnose“ wakeboard movie, which will be held in Ozone Gallery(Andricev venac 12, Belgrade), from 23 -26 April 2009.
This is going to be the first chance for all to come and see the exclusive photos, which are going to try to share with you a part of the atmosphere that was going on,during the filming of „Hipnose movie“ and next to that to show you the crew of the best world riders who supported this ambitious project and made it successful. Also you are going to be able to watch the movie premiere all 3 days of the exhibition.

Rope company will also, at the same event, present you the graphic/print works of their main designer, who’s illustrations and designs are all ready well known as an symbol of Rope clothing brand.

We expect you to come and join us on 23rd of April, around 21h at the exhibition opening, to have fun and enjoy this special night.

See you 😉

21Rope & Hiishii photo team.

* Note : All the photos and print illustrations will be for sale after the exhibition, and available to buy in urban-concept store SUPERMARKET (Visnjiceva 10, Belgrade).

Exhibition and Hipnose movie premiere!

Exhibition and Hipnose movie premiere!

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