Early this season handful of backcountry enthusiast from the Balkans got together to start the first Snowcat freeride operation in the old continent. We had a month of intensive training with US and Canadian experts in avalanche safety, guiding and rescue procedures for mechanized operations. Now, what we consider to be the best European mountains can be yours to enjoy! We’ll take you to the peaks of exotic mountains with breathtaking scenery to ride an average of 3500 m vertical a day. This season you can expirience a promotional offer for only €159 per day thatincludes our turnkey package of riding, guiding, accommodation, food and best experiences you will discover for the first time.

We use Snowcat to reach highest peaks of the mountain. This is specially adapted grooming machine with passenger cabin. With us you save time and money compared to heli riding. A helicopter can fly only about 50% of the time due to weather difficulties (wind, snow..) while we run 95% of the time. Also our pricing is very affordable, taking you down to 30% of heli price!



You want it – we got it; wide open terrains, tree riding, couloirs, cliffs, banks, natural pipe canyons – all yours to enjoy. We take you to excusive 32 square kilometers freeride terrain for you and your 10 of your buddies only. Take an adrenaline ride with us down the 50o „bowl“ ride, or chill in a safe fluffy 28o ride trough thin woods. Thus if you’re able to ride ntermediate slopes at a ski resort, we can hook you up with some enjoyable fre
eride runs.




We use the best available Snowcat technology from Pisten Bully. Powered by a stunning Mercedes 330 HP engine it has best climbing speed and lowest fuel consumption which makes it most environment friendly. The specially designed cabin seats 12 people while it’s large panoramic windows enables you to enjoy amazing scenery of Shar mountain. Our cat takes only 15 minutes to climb 900 vertical meters!




Locally called Shar-planina or Shar mountain, it spreads for an amazing 1600 square km, raising up to 2747 m at Tito’s peak. Pine wood forest extents to about 1700 m, and above that lie approximately 550 square km of high pastures. This is the largest compact area covered with pasture on the European continent making it a perfect playground for backcountry addicts! Shar mountain is by evolution considered „old mountain“, opposed to Alps which are „young mountains“. Because of this Shar Mountain is more oval and open compared to the sharp and cliffy shape of the Alps. Our operation extends on the best part of the mountain from Tito’s peak to the Popova shapka base at 1687 m.




Is a mountain Shepherd breed originating from Shar Mountain. Bruno our 3 month old puppy host that will take good care of you!




At the Guides meeting every day a choice of safe riding terrain is selected by assessing snow stability and by analyzing weather. As well as the usual snow pit tests, we utilize latest research in avalanche assessment: extended column and propagation tests for best possible snowpack information. All our guests are provided with avalanche beacons free of charge – Tracker DTS, in our opinion is the easiest to use and most effective. We also have several shovel and probe sets for our guests. In our initial safety briefings you will be given basic training on beacon use, safety & rescue procedures and we’ll be happy to give you as much education you need for your backcountry adventures.


In cooperation with Garmin we developed GPS maps of our area and we use GPSMAP 60CS receivers for tracking and taking down the profile we ride each day. With Spot, satellite messenger we can be tracked via internet or mobile phone or send help calls if needed via satellite. Our communication is done with Kenwood radio stations. As an associated member of HeliCat Canada, world’s finest association of mechanized freeride operations, we follow their standards and procedures.



Fat skis work best in this terrain! You can rent Armada’s freeride/backcountry and powder models from us.


How to come?


You can reach our Sharplanina base in village Popova Shapka from following airports: Skopje, Macedonia – 65 km, it’s 45 min drive by cab 30 eur charge per cab, one way Pristina, Kosovo – 115 km
Sofia, Bulgaria – 285 km (Bansko distance is the same)
Tsaloniki, Greece – 295 km

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