Make It Count – Lucas Langlois // Wakeboarding 2014

toast productionMake it count is their second wakeboard movie project. this time they are trying to show that wakeboarding is not just about tricks but also about the places you ride. this time they went back to all the places Lucas Langlois used to ride when he started wakeboarding 12 years ago. Thanks to all the kissbanker and the people from every spots they’ve been able to do some shooting that has never been down before in France. Continue reading

New Elements at the Snowpark Schöneben

_web_schoeneben__lifestyle__Patrick_Steiner_QParks__008Once you’ve spent some time on your snowboard in Schöneben, you will be coming back for sure. There is only a handful of destinations that fascinate visitors like the upper Vinschgau region with its magical Reschensee lake. While at the moment, the green meadows are still reflecting in clear water, the famous church tower in the middle of the lake will soon be surrounded by a thick layer of ice and the landscape will be transformed into a breathtaking winter wonderland. So it was high time we started the preparations for a new exciting winter season. Continue reading

28 ski resorts – 10 day tickets. Take part in the Qparks meme challenge!


qparks memeWinter is coming – and with it the QParks MEME CHALLENGE! Here at QParks, we can hardly wait for the next winter season to start off and that’s why we are giving away 10 day tickets for any of our 28 snowparks for the best meme! Create your own winter-meme in our QParks MEME MACHINE, share it on Facebook and collect the most votes for your text-picture-combination. Continue reading

Istanbul to host first-ever Big Air World Cup for men and ladies / Prize money of 112,500 Swiss francs

FIS Renaud PhilippeThe FIS Snowboard Freestyle World Cup might kick off with a halfpipe event in Copper Mountain, CO December 6 and 7, 2014, but Istanbul will provide the season’s first major historic highlight. The trans-continental city, the fifth-largest in the world by population, will not only host the first-ever World Cup on Turkish soil but also the first-ever Big Air event for both, men and women. Continue reading

$40,000 USD Up for Grabs at 2014 Wake Park Worlds

WWA wpwcPrize Money for the 2014 WWA Wake Park World Championships hosted by Al Forsan International Sports Resort has been raised by 33% from the previous year’s $30,000 USD to $40,000 USD. The additional $10,000 in cash has been raised directly by the WWA and Al Forsan International Sports Resort in an effort to continuously grow the prestigious event to it’s highest potential. Continue reading

Jobe signs Paul Johnston for the International Wakeboard boating team!

Paul_JonhstonPaul Johnston (PJ) commentated for the third year in a row at the Dutch National Wakeboard Championships. But this year that wasn’t the only reason for a visit to the Netherlands. PJ got invited to the Jobe HQ where he got to see the Jobe office, meet everyone and take a look at the new gear. But that wasn’t all, Jobe surprised PJ with the news that they liked him to be a part of the International Wakeboard Boating Team. PJ was immediately convinced and pumped to sign the same day! Continue reading

O’Neill Pleasure Jam VOL.12


When the Dachstein calls out for the „Jam“, snowboarders know it is time to get ready for one of the most popular events of the season. Following its longstanding tradition, the O’Neill Pleasure Jam will once again be the kick-off event of the World Snowboard Tour this year, hence giving the starting signal for the contest season for the international snowboard scene, just as it is tradition. For its 12th edition, the 2-day event at the infamous Superpark Dachstein will once again offer you a packed menu of freestyle and entertainment. Continue reading

Hotzone Opening Hintertux 2014 Daily Report – Saturday

Werni Stock and Seppe SmitsCan you believe that somewhere in the Europe it is already snowing. So here is a small recup from Hotzone opening Hintertux glacier! Check out this impressive riding by local rider Werni Stock and Sebbe de Buck from Belgium… Of course others are here too… Enjoy and get some inspiration for upcoming winter season! It’s already knocking on the doors! Continue reading